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Immuno-Dynamics, Inc. Over the Years

Founded in 1979 by Richard Cockrum, DVM, Immuno-Dynamics has a long history of dedication to the industry and the value of using only First Milking Bovine ColostrumTM. As one of the earliest practitioners of the preventative approach to animal health and production, he built the largest veterinary practice in the United States. After devoting over 40 years researching the benefits of colostrum to all ages and species, he was paid great tribute by Beth M. Ley, PhD in her book “Immune System Control”, referring to him as the “Father of Colostrum”.

The seeds of Immuno-Dynamics are apparent in the journal below from the notations of Richard Cockrum in 1963.

The seeds of Immuno-Dynamics are apparent from the notations of Dr. Richard Cockrum in 1963.

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History of Immuno-Dynamics, Inc.

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Immuno-Dynamics, Inc. Mission Statement:

– Remain true to our First Milking Bovine Colostrum Standards.
– Provide value and satisfaction to our customers, thereby developing long and beneficial relationships.
– Promote industry acceptance and the value of the gift of colostrum by supporting research and development.
– Continually improve in all areas of production and business.

Mark Burton, President

January 3, 2007