Frequently Asked Questions

Colostrum Facts

What components in colostrum support health and overall well being?

There are over 90 described components in bovine colostrum. These include immuno-regulating substances,  gut-protective substances, growth factors and metabolic factors.* Learn more about these here.

What is first-milking colostrum?

Colostrum is a complex and naturally rich fluid that must be collected soon after giving birth to ensure the highest possible nutrient concentration and quality.

First-milking colostrum is the source of nature’s most biologically active components that maximize nutritional availability.


Is your colostrum frozen after collection?

Yes. We do not source enough colostrum from individual farms to produce full production runs from an individual or just a few farms. There are several great advantages to this:

  • The production batches produced from a larger number of farms have a greater degree of diversity, producing an extremely broad ranging, yet consistent product from batch to batch
  • Each cow’s colostrum is milked into individual containers, allowing the producer to make the initial determination of quality on a cow-by-cow basis
  • Since each cow’s colostrum arrives individually frozen, our highest in industry quality control starts at the individual cow level. This allows dedicated and trained plant personnel with laboratory equipment at their disposal to make quality determinations. Many companies collect all the colostrum from producing cows on a given day in a single collection tank. At this point, there are no options to evaluate for quality on an individual basis
  • Freezing stops biological and chemical changes that occur from improperly transferred colostrum
Do you remove anything from your colostrum such as fat or lactose?

No. Fat is sometimes removed to elevate protein/IgG levels in other’s product but can also remove factors more valuable than the IgG itself. Lactose is sometimes removed to harvest the proline rich peptides (PRP) to sell elsewhere. It is important to know that your colostrum has not been mined for PRP.

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