PerCoBa Freeze Dried First Milking Bovine Colostrum Extract


5 or more bottles at $23.95 each
Or 1 for $26.95

1st Milking Bovine Colostrum® Extract contains proline rich peptides (PRPs) in a form designed for maximum oral (mucosal) contact. PRPs are known for their immune regulating properties.

Unlike other PRP products on the market, we retain IgG, lactoferrin and the full complement of growth factors which are removed by other producers and sold separately.

Freeze drying promotes oral absorption by increasing solubility and promoting longer contact in the mouth. Increased shelf life without refrigeration and preservatives are more great features of this new product.

This extract is the choice for maximum immune system regulation and contains 25% more servings per container than our liquid extract.

30 servings per container


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