Colostrum is the lacteal (mammary) secretion of mammals, produced immediately prior to birth and intended for feeding to the newborn. It is rich in protective and regulating factors necessary to promote health and vitality. It is nature’s most concentrated source of biologically active components. It has existed since the first mammals roamed the planet and used by humans of various cultures for thousands of years.

Cows are an ideal source of colostrum for three basic reasons:

  1. Nutritional, management and health improvements of dairy cows have led to greater colostrum production during the past 100 years. The calf’s needs are always fulfilled first. Only surplus colostrum can be humanely harvested for other purposes.
  2. In many regards, bovine colostrum is more potent than human colostrum. Newborn human infants have more competent immune function due to placental transfer of antibodies and various proteins/peptides which do not occur in ruminants (mammals with four chambered stomachs such as cows, goats and sheep). Because of this, these factors are concentrated and retained in the bovine colostrum for feeding to the calf immediately after birth.
  3. The biologically active components are either identical or functionally identical regardless of the species of origin or use.

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