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We have been collaborating with dairy farms for over 40 years and are the pioneers in pure colostrum processing. Please contact us at for your B2B supply needs.

Super Nutrient Packed
Super Good for You

Mother Nature created colostrum to help us digest nutrients and fight the environmental threats all around us. It’s the golden key to better health. In less than a minute, you can give yourself and your family that boost every day.

PerCōBa® is the perfect colostrum balance because it gives you all the bioactives you need, at the exact levels Mother Nature intended. 


Make Your Tummy Happy

Deflate occasional bloating, feel lighter, and digest food better. The microbiome in your gut is home to 70% of your immune system—and it needs special care. Proper digestion is perhaps the biggest factor in your overall health. PerCōBa® both builds up your gut lining with the right level of IgA proteins and supplies the probiotics that replenish your microbiome correctly.*

FACT: Even antibacterial soap can kill the good bacteria we need to be healthy from the inside.

Supercharge Your Immunity*

At birth, colostrum is the keystone for your immune system. We start losing these proteins as early as our teen years. Companies that filter their colostrum may inadvertently be removing the tiny proteins that are so critical for our immune system health.

FACT: People who take colostrum supplements are protected 3-times as well against the flu.

Boost Your Energy*

Regain your energy and help combat your mental fog.* Your gut health determines your energy levels and mental acuity–it’s directly linked to brain function. With stronger tissue barriers in your body, you’ll block out the toxins that drain your energy. Lift your mood without a midday crash.* 

FACT: PerCōBa® provides critical proteins at the same levels present in raw, premium colostrum.

Nourish Radiant Skin

Give yourself smoother, healthier, more supple skin. Colostrum gives your body what it needs to create more elastic skin naturally. Studies show it can slow down the aging process of skin cells and protect them from free radicals.*

FACT: PerCōBa® gives you the Vitamins A, B, C, and E that your skin needs to counteract sun damage.

Get More From Your Workout

Last longer, recover faster, and build lean muscle.* World-class athletes have known the secret benefits of colostrum for decades. With PerCōBa®, you can give yourself the exact nutrients Mother Nature intended for a healthy body to grow strong. Extend your peak performance years, enjoy greater stamina, and feel what it’s like to maximize the impact of your workouts.*

FACT: In scientific tests, colostrum did more to help top athletes with speed and endurance than whey protein supplements.

Jump Start Your Metabolism*

Help your inflammatory response pathway associated with strenuous exercise, while burning fat faster, and enjoy a pep in your step all day.* The bioactive components in colostrum stabilize blood sugar levels, regulate hormones that trigger fat-burning, and enhance nutrient absorption.* Maintain your metabolic pathways that convert glucose to glycogen for energy and allow proteins to become muscle.* Help each kind of cell in your body do the job it was designed for.

FACT: Because PerCōBa® is not diluted or altered it contains IGF-1, IGF-2, TGF-a, and TGF-b, all nutrients needed for healthy cell growth.




as effective at
preventing flu


published studies on the benefits of colostrum

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