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We have been collaborating with dairy farms for over 40 years and are the pioneers in pure colostrum processing. Please contact us at for your B2B supply needs.

PerCōBa® Colostrum

Mother Nature’s Best for Your Health

Colostrum works miracles when you’re born—giving you exactly what you need
to start life right. Regain that with PerCōBa®—your Perfect Colostrum Balance.

Start Your PerCōBa® Journey Today!


Mother Nature’s Jump Start to Life. Your Jump Start to Health.

You work hard all day taking care of everyone around you, make sure to take a few seconds to care for yourself. Protect your body the way Mother Nature intended. Have strong barriers against toxins, better overall health, and more energy.*

Reasons to Take Colostrum

Fortify your
gut health*
Restore your microbiome naturally*

Enhance your
skin health*

Nutrients to combat aging and dryness*

Gain greater

Build up your own internal barriers

Perform &
recover better*

Make your workout matter more

Have more

Expand your daily energy reserve*

Boost your

Critical bioactives to fuel cells


The Leading Colostrum Supplement to Build Strong Immunity*,to Boost Energy*,to Improve Hair & Nail Health*,for Gut Health*

Colostrum is at its peak potency during the first 6 hours after birth, also known as first milking. This critical time is when colostrum contains the most bioactive nutrients. As colostrum transitions to milk, those levels drop fast. Choosing unfiltered, first-milking colostrum will allow for you to get the full benefit of the supplement. 

What is PerCōBa®?

PerCōBa® is Mother Nature’s original recipe for improving your health every day.

It is bovine colostrum that contains no fillers and is not altered or diluted. You get all the bioactives in their purest form to give you the best results.

You can add PerCōBa®—your Perfect Colostrum Balance—to your daily health regimen as a powder, lozenge, or cream.

First-milking colostrum is liquid gold. We’ve spent 45+ years perfecting the collection and preservation process for it. Now you can get that level of quality with PerCōBa®. Learn about our process that ensures you are getting the highest quality colostrum supplement in the world.


Why People Love PerCōBa®

I was suffering with allergy symptoms (runny nose, watery eyes) and 1 week after I started taking PerCoBa colostrum, all symptoms disappeared. I also noticed changes in my skin. I had two dry spots on my face that had been bothering me for six months. Both spots went away after ten days of taking colostrum.
–Julie H.
As someone who struggles with allergies, an auto-immune disease, and sensitive stomach, I am always looking for ways to level up my health and supplements. I have been taking PerCoBa Colostrum for a couple of months and love the benefits that it provides—increased energy levels, boosting my immune system, and helping repair my gut. PerCoBa is also great for aiding in my performance and recovery during exercise.
I highly recommend trying PerCoBa colostrum if you are wanting a supplement that boosts overall health!
I have been using PerCoba since mid august 2023, it has really helped me regulate my gut health. I also haven't gotten sick since—I will be a customer for life!

What About the Animals?

The calves always feed first, but Mother Nature is smart. A cow produces 75% more colostrum than its calf needs so a herd always has a surplus.

We are a family-owned business who has worked with America’s best farmers since 1979 to keep cows healthy. Our proprietary colostrum collection process ensures the highest purity, quality, and traceability. In fact, many companies rely on our colostrum to mix into supplements.  

We offer PerCōBa® so you can have the best yourself–direct from the source. Improve your own health, or if you’re a business looking for the highest-quality colostrum contact us to learn more.



Ensuring Colostrum Purity

Colostrum FAQs